London Day 3

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Windsor, Oxford & Stonehenge. 
This is the second package deal we booked in advance as well. We had a courtesy shuttle pick us up and take us to the meeting grounds. Getting back was interesting, they made pit stops in random places, we got off at one with a subway station and figured out what to take to get to our hotel street. The only thing with this package that they do not explain is when you arrive at the first stop, Windsor, the package deal does NOT include entry fee. You will be able to enter in the castle area but as far as going in the apartments and such you would have to pay for that. Waiting time to get to the next destination would be 2 hours so you are walking around a couple shops until then. So make sure if you are interested in this to do your research before you choose which sounds more intriguing for you. 

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The Queen resides in Windsor from time to time its her official residence. Altho she lives here she still has to pay taxes just like you and me. Unfortunately for her she does not get the privacy and private lands as you would think she does, the people in London own a bit of every part of her land so people are free to come and go to her castle whenever they please.

There is a cute/romantic bridge around the castle to check out if you love birds. There are dozens of swans that reside near the bridge. Each summer there is a process known as Swan Upping which checks the identity and health of each of them and adds tags to the new baby swans.

Stonehenge, one of the worlds most remarkable sights i’ve gotten to experience. This is truly something you need to see in person. The sizes of the rocks made me go HOW the heck did they even drag that miles and miles around, let alone stack that on top of one another. This amazing discovery was built around 3100 BC, long frickin time ago and had a few stages to the build. Some believed this was to tell time or help when getting lost, few said an amphitheater, but now we believe it was a ritual ground with recent discoveries. You make your own call here, personally i’m leaning more towards the ritual idea with they way findings have recently been.

Oxford University, where all the genius’s are formed. You have to have an IQ of Einstein and 4.0 in EVERYTHING to even be considered worthy. You also need to have a very clever wit about you for acceptance from the main headmaster who would play tricks upon you to see if you had something special. The students live around the area, and have 1 Mentor for everything, each having a one to one contact basis with their teacher and they take specialized classes tailored made for them.

Radcliffe Camera, houses the science library and also is where the Professors gather for banquets.

Classes were still being held regardless of all these tourists wondering about the school.  I was amazed by how nothing fazed them and how extremely focused they were with their professors teachings as we all stared and gawked at them as if they were some kind of animal in a zoo exhibition. We were not allowed to take ONE step or finger inside the doorway or we would be in major trouble, to them its sacred and unless you are attending there you are forbidden. Unfortunately the picture i had with the students didn't turn out due to one of our passengers being a jerk and kept trying to use my head as a tripod.

One of my many many excitements was finding out that Hogwarts was inspired by Oxford’s architectural designed obviously. So as you can imagine i was giddy as a school girl. There are also parts of the school that was used to film scenes in the movie, such as the hallways n such.


psush_girl said...

omg so cool! i'm always saying how i wanna go to school at hogwarts...maybe one day i can take a class at oxford and be super close to it! that's sooo going on my bucket list :)

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