London Day 4

Monday, April 2, 2012

Harry Potter Day
If its something you are not  interested in you can skip this post entirely.

London Day 3

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Windsor, Oxford & Stonehenge. 
This is the second package deal we booked in advance as well. We had a courtesy shuttle pick us up and take us to the meeting grounds. Getting back was interesting, they made pit stops in random places, we got off at one with a subway station and figured out what to take to get to our hotel street. The only thing with this package that they do not explain is when you arrive at the first stop, Windsor, the package deal does NOT include entry fee. You will be able to enter in the castle area but as far as going in the apartments and such you would have to pay for that. Waiting time to get to the next destination would be 2 hours so you are walking around a couple shops until then. So make sure if you are interested in this to do your research before you choose which sounds more intriguing for you.